Fig - Explosive Disposal Device;FBQ-Q2.0.

Fig- Explosive Disposal Device;FBQ-Q2.0.

Product Name: Explosive Disposal Device;FBQ-Q2.0.

Model: FBQ-Q2.0

Full Specification:

Bottom base size: 920mm * 830mm * 830mm ( Wide*Deep*Height) Outer size: 920mm * 1100mm * 950mm ( Wide*Deep*Height, when cover open) Inner size: 920mm * 1100mm * 910mm ( Wide*Deep*Height, when cover closed).

Manually open/close the cover via external devices; the month of ball tank is vertically upward.

Inner diameter : 750mm ,Outer diameter : 820mm , Month diameter: 530mm ,Cover diameter : 590mm . Max open diameter: 320mm.

Net weight of the ball tank is 680kg

Venting components is made of Seamless steel pipe with diameter 25mm, thickness 2mm; one side of the steel pipe is welding with the venting holes, the other side is welding to the bottom of tank.

Material: Carbon steel, Thickness 35mm

Fig - Explosive Disposal Device;FBG-G1.5-TH01.

Fig- Explosive Disposal Device;FBG-G1.5-TH01.

Product Name: Explosive Disposal Device;FBG-G1.5-TH01.

Model: FBG-G1.5-TH01

Full Specification:

Material: carbon steel(high-strength, impact-resistant, compliant to standard GB700-1988).

Outside diameter: 660mm.

Inside diameter:630mm
Depth: 654mm
Height: 747mm

Ability: can bear max 1.5kg TNT or equal(after blaster, the outside of basket is complete, no crack

Net weight: 270kg